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Treat emotional stress induced asthma using Generic Albuterol

Living with asthma is really difficult for an individual. Asthma is disorder that causes the clogging of airways. Due to this reason air obstruction in the patient is seen. The common symptoms of asthma are wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing. These asthma symptoms are seen due to ‘triggers’ associated with asthma. Basically these are allergens which inflame the airways when something is inhaled through the nose. Due to this our immune system gives the response in form mucus production. This mucus blocks the breathing area causing airflow congestion leading to bronchial asthma. This triggers could be animal hair, dust, pollen, smoke, food, strong emotional like stress etc. For asthmatic patient it is necessary to keep a quick relief medicine handy like Generic Albuterol.

Here we will discuss emotional stress as reason for the repeated asthma attack many people do not consider stress as important factor but wait unhealthy lifestyle can lead to that emotional trigger leading to bronchial asthma .Emotional stress induces an asthma attack directly by converting that thought that you are not so nice or you are left alone to an nervous impulse which in turn releases a hormone called adrenalin. Adrenalin is produced by adrenal gland and this hormone is released in response to stress. Due to release of adrenalin in the system there is an increased heart rate and breathing rate is seen. A bronchodilator like Generic Albuterol should be used to manage asthma symptoms. But if the person ignores the emotional stress and the stress continues and becomes continual over time another adrenal hormone called cortisol would affect asthmatic patients causing fatigue and developing chest infection. Due to chest infection asthma can attack a person easily so quick relief medicine is necessary like Generic Albuterol

Salbutamol is beta-2-adrenergic agonist which activates beta-2 receptors in airways. It helps to relax the bronchial smooth muscles .This results into widening of airway and help to comfort the asthma. Since Generic Albuterol is available as asthma inhaler so it is quite helpful to carry along at times emergency.

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